What are the 5 most interesting facts you should know about fried chicken?

fried chicken

What are the 5 most interesting facts you should know about fried chicken?

Bite on your favorite piece of chicken.

What a delight and tasty it would be! The deep-fried and battered chicken when added into the hot oil will give it the perfect crispiness it should have. At Krispy Krunchy Chicken, we have the tastiest food options like cajun chicken made with our in-house cajun seasoning and many other options. For all the fried chicken lovers it is important to know about the 5 most delicious facts about the fried and crispy chicken.

Fact 1: Thank the ancient Egyptians for this chicken

It is believed that the fried chicken historians helped to bring this between the 7500 B.C.E to 5000 B.C.E. First, it came to Egypt and then slowly it went to Greece & then to the British Isles. The citizens preferred the pan-frying chicken as compared to roasting or boiling. One thing we are sure about is that this chicken originated in the South.

Fact 2: South American have it ‘Perfection’

One of the first recipes of this chicken appeared in the book named ‘The Virginia Housewife or Methodical Cook’ which came out in 1825. In addition, it is also one of the first published books in America. In this book, there is a perfect description of the chicken recipe to take to you the culinary landscape. The perfect amount of flour, salt, and deep-fried with perfection, everything is mentioned in the book.

Although, this recipe before World War 2 was made for the special occasion dish and it was that cheap. Earlier the chicken was fried over the stove. Moreover, at that time it was not available in the restaurants.

Fact 3: Segregation helped to make it loved by everyone

As per the slave codes, the South did not allow people to have cattle & hogs which were not with chicken. Moreover, it is considered that it is tasty and everyone prefers to have it. But, in the 19th century, eating this chicken was considered an ugly racial stereotype. However, there was one side that showed that eating chicken will improve one’s health a lot. During the Civil War, it helped people to have a source of earning.

Fact 4: Colonel Sanders did not get success right away

No doubt, it took time for the chicken to get the attention it deserved. All thanks to one of the genius methods of cooking which helped to make the fried chicken quickly. It was preferred to make this in a pressure cooker and add the number of seasonings.

In the same manner, Krispy Krunchy Chicken slowly gained that attention because of how different and unique the fried chicken recipe is. Now, people prefer to order this meal to celebrate any auspicious day or even when they are craving something good.

Fact 5: Fried Chicken is like a global sensation

No matter where its roots have come from, it is one such dish that people cannot resist having. So, it is one such food option that people should not and cannot miss out on.

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