Which are the best and tasty fried chicken recipes loved around the world?

fried chicken

Which are the best and tasty fried chicken recipes loved around the world?

If you are someone who likes to have a non-vegetarian meal, then without a doubt going for the fried chicken is the ultimate choice. In addition, it is about having the best meal of your life and making sure that when you try the food it is worth it!

At Krispy Krunchy Chicken, we have a variety of options for everyone to try out like cajun chicken made with our in-house Cajun seasoning. Well! Here our focus is on making you familiar with the best & tasty fried chicken recipes which you can taste from around the world.

Where the fried chicken originated from?

Fried chicken is known for its iconic flavor. Scottish are the ones who let the fried chicken familiar among everyone. In addition, they also introduced frying chicken in fat instead of boiling it.

What are the types of fried chicken?

Here are some of the most loved fried chicken recipes which are loved by everyone because of their amazing taste and preparation.

  • American South

American South is an amazing classic dish that is prepared by soaking the thigh, breast, and legs cut in buttermilk. Following that coating is done in the flour mixed with black pepper, cayenne, and other spices. After that, vegetable oil is used for frying. All in all, it makes the crispy and crackly chicken bite on.

  • Italian Pollo Frito

The marination is done in the classic taste of Pollo Frito, Tuscany along with garlic flavor, olive oil, bay, and lemon. Following that, vegetable oil is used for frying which is used in the cast iron skillet. For finishing, lemon, cracked pepper, and herbs are used.

  • Indonesia ayam goreng

With this variation, you can try out different options. You can give a try to this most beloved dish which is made by cutting down the pieces and then making sure it is marinated with different spices and simmered in oil till the time it is not crispy and golden.

  • Brazialian frango a Passarinho

It is a highly loved chicken type in South America and its charismatic taste is what makes it different from others. Following that the different seasonings are there which give a different taste to the meal. It includes turmeric powder, cumin, coriander seeds, oregano, and cayenne pepper. Lime juice can be worth adding to it.

What are the topmost tips to fry chicken?

Use every part of the chicken

Every part of the chicken has a different taste to it, so make sure that you do not limit the legs. Following that you need to break the larger breast and thighs into smaller pieces before you fry it.

Cook at room temperature

Now! Someone, not all familiar with cooking will make this mistake. But you should not as know we are telling you that you should make chicken after you have to take it our from the fridge and it has been 30 minutes.

Neutral tasting oil

Make sure that you always opt for the neutral-tasting oil as its smoke point is right. Your preference should be given to peanut and vegetable oil.