What are the best and tasty fried chicken recipes you need to give a try?


What are the best and tasty fried chicken recipes you need to give a try?

What is your one comfort food? I know what gives my taste buds the pleasure and joy of having good food. Do you know what’s yours? Take your time and think…

My answer is unpretentious (straightforward) i.e. Fried Chicken. The pleasure of having to eat something with fingers will take your taste buds to whole another level. At Krispy Krunchy Chicken, our chef has their special recipe to make the crispy chicken, cajun chicken, thigh 10 chicken, and much more.

One thing that is for sure is the fried chicken is made with the best kind of recipe. This comes with experience and making sure there is precision on every step of making the fried chicken. Now! Let’s talk you through the tasty fried chicken recipe which you have to try out.

Best fried chicken recipe you need to try

  • Pan-fried chicken

One word which comes to my mind when I hear pan-fried chicken is: Classic! With the perfect amount of seasoning and chicken drenched in buttermilk and then the right amount of flour. The most important part is the cast iron skillet.

  • Buttermilk fried chicken

For this recipe, you need to let your chicken pieces soak in brine which gives it a tender and juicy taste when fried. One tip here is to: Double-dip your chicken and then let it fry properly which gives it a golden-brown crust. Brining to frying, the professionals make sure to get it done properly. You can have it with hot sauce and lemon wedges which give it an added level of brightness and some spice level to it.

  • Cuban fried chicken

Cuban fried chicken is another kind of delight. It is served with garlic and onion along with plantains, a salad made of sliced avocados, and rice along with lemon juice & salt as per your taste.

  • Cornmeal-dusted fried chicken

Fried chicken is simply about the crust. For that extra crunch along with some sweetness to the chicken let it get dredged in the cornmeal before you fry it.

  • Crispy fried chicken

Well! There is a category of fried chicken that has that extra-crispiness to it. For this, you need to use cornstarch instead of flour. In Asian frying, it is one of the most used techniques to give the chicken crispiness. If you want to lighten the texture, then add in some baking powder. The professional chef season the chicken which helps to make the flavors stand out in a way that no one expected.

Try out something different

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