How can you prepare the healthy chicken breast recipe?

How can you prepare the healthy chicken breast recipe?
cajun chicken

How can you prepare the healthy chicken breast recipe?

Cajun chicken is one of those recipes which can be fried, baked, and grilled. Whether you choose to have fried chicken it will make a healthy dinner for you because of the addition of cajun seasonings. Through this, it helps in improving the taste and flavors of the chicken.


What is the tasty cajun spicy chicken recipe?

Chicken recipes are available in abundance like honey garlic chicken, cilantro lime chicken, and mostly loved recipe cajun chicken.

This recipe contains a different blend of spices and it is extremely crispy from the outside & juicy from the inside. So, every bite you will have will be the road to tastiness. Some of the spices which are added include garlic powder, thyme, oregano, paprika along red pepper flakes & cayenne. Through the addition of different spices and tastes, it has made it loved by kids and adults.

How to make a healthy cajun spice mix?

While making the homemade spice rub for any recipe you should never use sodium, junky additives, or any type of preservatives. It is better to make sure that you keep it natural and this way it would taste better as compared to store-bought packages.

When you make it at home it is much cheaper which is an added benefit. It might seem difficult, but once you understand it, you will make it every time you make your favorite chicken recipe. Just simply take the different spices and combine them. It is tastier and healthier at the same time as well as satisfying all your cravings.

Ingredients for this Recipe

Chicken: Whether you make Boneless and Skinless chicken breasts or thighs, use the below-mentioned recipe.


Avocado, used for all methods. You can substitute olive oil if that’s what you like.

Cajun Rub

Paprika, Onion powder, Cayenne pepper, Garlic powder, Oregano, Thyme, Ground black pepper, Salt, and Red pepper flakes.

How to Make Cajun Chicken Breast?


In this case, you need to cut the chicken breast in length and extremely thin. Following that add all the above-mentioned spices to make the taste perfect.


Once you have added the cajun seasoning you need to toss the chicken pieces into it and make sure all the pieces are coated. After that, it is up to you whether you want to bake, or grill. Make sure that you add oil to it.


You need to serve it correctly and it is also up to you what you want to choose. Have it along with mashed sweet potatoes or classic mashed potatoes. After that, you even have creamy cucumber salad to make it even nice.

Additional tips

While making the chicken, you need to adjust the heat.

The cajun spice mix can be used for different chicken recipes.

Do not add too much salt, it is better to have it as per your liking.

Make sure to coat the chicken with oil and let it go inside the chicken.

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