What are the top ways to eat delicious chicken from all over the world?

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What are the top ways to eat delicious chicken from all over the world?

National Fried Chicken Day – 6th July

Yes, this is a national fried chicken day which people celebrate. This day appears on the calendar to mark it as one of the best days for chicken lovers for coming years. But ‘How to eat the delicious chicken as there are several options which you can give a try? This is true, the options are endless from fried chicken, cajun chicken, and whatnot.

Southern Fried chicken

Southern fried chicken is one of those crispy chicken which everyone loves to try. It can be difficult to understand the exact meaning of the southern-style fried chicken. Some recipes claim that southern style is not deep and it is heavily battered stuff. The outside of the chicken is extremely crispy and it is pan-fried. One of the key styles is to have milk and egg mixture which is coated in the chicken & there are different spices.

  • Xian-style oven-fried chicken

The chef who created this dish admits this dish is inspired by the Xian and not from the actual dish which comes from the Chinese city. No doubt, the recipe is extremely tasty and you can even get it prepared in the deep fryer. The taste of this chicken is described as cumin, smoky chilies, and anise which is combined with mouth-numbing flavors. The addition of these spices is a great fit to make your chicken taste palatable.

  • Ayam Goreng, Indonesia

This chicken name sounds romantic and it is the Indonesian name which is termed as chicken fried. With this chicken, the type comes the heavy breading. For the preparation, there is an addition of turmeric, garlic, and lemongrass fried in coconut oil. Most people try to prepare it differently. While serving it, fried rice and fried vegetables are included to make it more appetizing.

  • Nashville Hot Chicken

Fried chicken Nashville style is also referred to as hot chicken. Its flavor is extremely defining and there is the addition of various spices in it. First of all, the spices are added to the chicken. Once, that is done it is fried and the added sauce is the paste which is made through the cayenne. This chicken type is served on the white bread slice and the top pickle is added.

  • Buffalo chicken wings

Buffalo chicken wings are categorized as the king of chicken wings. The added spice in it is one of the favorites of everyone as it is known for the delectable taste. All across the world the buffalo chicken wings and the boneless brethren are what make the chicken perfect in every bite.



6 delectable and mouthful ways to enjoy fried chicken from around the globe

6th July 2021 – National Fried Chicken Day.

Yes! This day appears on the calendar. On this day, one thing which you need to worry about is finding the scrumptious and crispy chicken to make your entire meal worthwhile.

No doubt, people all over the world enjoy fried chicken, cajun chicken, and other types of chicken options. To celebrate this day with full joy and energy, here we will take you to the international of tasty ways to try the crispy chicken.

Southern Fried Chicken, USA

It is one of those chicken types, which people love to try no matter how many times they have eaten it earlier. In some of the recipes, it is claimed that southern style is not deep fried and has heavily battered stuff. This type of chicken is pan-fried which makes the outside of the chicken crispy.

What makes it delectable?

Egg and milk are what make the outside of the chicken yummy and the blend of spices. Some cook it through a pan-frying and deep fryer method. You are going to find endless variations but the core is the same.

Ayam Goreng, Indonesia

It is the Indonesian word ‘Chicken fried’. In this type of chicken preparation, there is lemongrass, turmeric, and marinade of garlic which is dipped in coconut oil. This option is extremely popular in Bali. While serving this delectable chicken meal, it can come with fried vegetables and fried rice. No matter how you get to try it, it will be happy eating.

Nashville Hot Chicken, USA

You will find this on the menu by the name of Hot chicken or fried chicken Nashville style. It makes it different from other chicken recipes because of the spiciness and the way it is presented. Initially, it is marinated in spiciness. It is deep-fried and then cayenne-based pasta sauce is added to it. While serving it, a slice of white bread is taken, chicken is added and it is topped with a pickle.

Xian-Style Oven-Fried Chicken

The chef who created these chicken recipes admits that it is inspired by Xian and not from the Chinese city. No doubt, this recipe is amazing in taste and you can easily make it at home, even if you don’t have a deep fryer.

In this dish, there is cumin, smoky chilies, and anise along with cilantro, Sichuan peppercorns, and scallions. It is going to give the crispy and juicy chicken wings.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

You can either consider it as the kind of chicken wings or a goopy mess that made the crispy chicken into a soggy type of chicken. If this is the most preferred choice then the spicy heavy sauce will be the best option. You are going to find it in different parts of the world.

Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken

In this chicken type, there is oyster sauce and shrimp paste. Some people might not like the way it is made. But many people like to enjoy this chicken recipe no matter how it is made.