Facts about Fried Chicken – Origin, Variations, Broilers and Buttermilk Brine

cajun chickenfried chicken

Facts about Fried Chicken – Origin, Variations, Broilers and Buttermilk Brine

Chicken can only attain the best flavours if it’s cooked right. Fried chicken is that dish that is quintessentially tasty when it is cooked by taking into account the perfect measures. The people who complain that their chicken is not that tasty as that of the restaurant, they are either not making the right marinate or are not marinating them in the right way. Even worse, some people do not know the right technique to fry. The technique used to make the cajun chicken is not that difficult as compared to the fried chicken since the chicken has to be seared at the required flame.

  • Origin

Many historians were found fighting over the origin of the fried chicken. Since the majority wins. Many historians are of the view that the frying technique was first of all applied by the Scottish people and after them, it was Americans who took charge of ameliorating the technique. The reader might be interested to know which techniques people would prefer when frying was not introduced. Well! It was boiling and baking.

  • Occasional dish

Before World War II, fried chicken was considered a dish that would only get served in the wake of special occasions. It was because of the considerably longer time taken for its preparation that made it one of the fanciest dishes.

  • Slavery

If this dish was kept restricted to the people who belonged to the high class only, then this dish would never have become that popular.

  • Broilers are suitable chickens

If you think that you can cook any variety of chicken when you are wrong because broiler, the breed of the chicken which is specially bred with the motive that the shortest time is taken by the chicken to get cooked. If you try cooking out other varieties, then you may experience the difference in taste flavour, aroma, tenderness and juiciness.

  • So many variants

There are so many variations in the chicken recipes. This is the predominant reason that each country is known for their specific kind of recipe for the fried chicken. Who can fire gets the delicious Korean recipe in which the double-fried chicken is sipped in a sauce that is sweet and savoury?

  • Which is the unhealthiest variety of the chicken?

The Nashville variety of chicken is considered the unhealthiest one. It is because of the technique which involves the dunking of the fried chicken in the chile-infused oil.

  • Frying methods

Are you also the one who had earlier thought that there is only one method of frying. It is not, my dear. The categories in which the fried chicken is divided based on the process of the frying:

  • Deep frying

  • Pan-frying

  • Pressure frying

  • Buttermilk brine

Most of the restaurant’s skip this step because of which they fail to infuse the required flavours in the chicken. The brining of the chicken in the salty and the psyched buttermilk is crucial for the retention of the ultimate tenderness and juiciness simultaneously.


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cajun chickenfried chicken

Does the choice of cooking technique affect the nutritional value of chicken?

The choice about which variety you should be trying tonight depends upon your preferences. If you are preferring the health more than taste then, you can go with the grilled chicken or the blackened cajun chicken. But if the taste is the first preference of yours, then none other than fried chicken is the best option.

Grilled chicken V/S Fried Chicken

  • The health value of the chicken

  • Chicken is considered the healthiest food item since it is quintessentially rich in proteins.

  • Chicken is usually intaken by bodybuilders and fitness freaks as it assists in making the muscles even stranger.

  • Through the metabolization of calcium, vital bone health is promoted.

  • Nutrition and Cooking technique

So many methods are there of cooking the chicken but the choice of the cooking method considerable produce effect on the nutritional content of the chicken:

Case 1: Frying

Nevertheless, frying the chicken brings about the best taste. But a lot of the nutrients get killed during this procedure.

Case 2: Grilling

Grilling helps the chicken to get cooked with the most wanted smoky effect. Grilling helps to retain the nutritional content of the chicken since it takes the help of heat radiation to cook the chicken.

Case 3: Baking

Usually, the chicken is baked once it is par-fried or is deep-fried in one batch. The baking helps to retain the tenderness and the juicy flavour of the chicken.

Why should grilling and frying be considered for the chicken?

Grilled Chicken

  • If the chicken is prepared using the grilling method, then it is deemed fit to be consumed by the fitness freaks as the fat levels begin to get diminished.

  • Besides, we cannot ignore the calories content of the chicken which is significantly low when the chicken is grilled.

  • And yes!! You never have to get scared of cardiovascular disease if you are consuming grilled chicken.

  • Lean meat which comes into existence only after grilling tastes ‘Just perfect’.

Fried Chicken

  • The best option if you want to taste the crispy and excellently crunchy item, is the fried chicken.

  • But you should be aware of the calories aspect of the fried chicken which is usually high because of the oil content.

  • But if you are eating the fried chicken from KRISPY KRUNCHY Chicken, then they will incorporate the technique that helps in lowering the calories.

So how to choose which kind of chicken should I order?

It depends upon your taste and the preference for the health aspect on which your decision about the choice of the chicken depends.

How can the pressure fryer help in retaining the nutritional value of the chicken?

With the help of the pressure fryers, less oil is used in cooking the chicken and because of the immense pressure, without using much oil the chicken can come up being crispy and crunchy.


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