How to Make the Perfect Fried Chicken? Which mistakes are to be avoided?

fried chicken

How to Make the Perfect Fried Chicken? Which mistakes are to be avoided?

From the crispest exterior to the use of the awesome seasonings, there are so many things which we can praise as far as the fried chicken is concerned. The cajun chicken is also the favourite item of the people which is loved because of the nicest cajun seasonings. But in today’s blog, we have decided to keep our focus on the fried chicken.

Today’s blog is going to be extremely useful for you as after this blog you will be going to cook the fried chicken with extreme perfection without making any mistakes.

Never Do These Mistakes While Cooking The Fried Chicken

Are you serious about merely using the DRUMSTICKS?

There are so many parts in the birds which are frying and you can attain the awesome flavours from. But some people only consider making use of the Drumsticks while frying chicken. But for making your taste buds even happier, you should also be making use of the chicken breasts.

A Bonus Tip

While using the drumsticks, you have to be very sure that you are removing the thighs.

Do you fry the chicken immediately after taking it out from the fridge?

If yes, then from now onwards, stop doing this thing. The chicken can only make you feel pleased with its taste if it is fried at the right temperature. No doubt, you will heat the oil at the desired temperature. But what after that? When you put the chicken in the oil then the temperature of the oil significantly decreases. And the frying chicken at the unideal temperature will eventually result in the soggy and oil exhibiting chicken.

Do you often skip the brine?

I know that in this era of the busy lifestyle, everyone wants to feed on the items which get cooked easily and in less time. And when it is about cooking the fried chicken, people often skip the brine thing. By avoiding so, the chicken will never come out to be tender and moist.


It is suggested that you should dip the chicken in the buttermilk for at least 4 hours before performing the latter steps.

Are you up to skipping the breeding?

Fried chicken is supposed to be crispy and crunchy. The crispiness and crunch can only be experienced if the chicken is coated nicely with the bread crumbs. This is the secret of perfectly crunchy chicken.

So NEVER miss out on Breading.

Do you think that fried chicken can only be made in the deep fryer?

We have come across the views of the people who often skip cooking fried chicken because they do not have a deep fryer.

This is only an EXCUSE!

Since you do not need the deep fryer for cooking the fried chicken. What you will need is the cast iron skillet which should be heavy-bottomed.

Do you know?

The cast-iron skillet maintains a better temperature as compared with the deep fryer.

Hey, Which oil were you using?

When fried chicken is to be cooked, then it is mandatory to choose the oil which has the highest smoking point. The biggest mistake done by the people who experience the disastrous taste of the chicken, is they end up choosing the oil with the low smoking point.


When you are choosing the oil having a high smoking point, then make sure that the taste of such oil is neutral.

Do you want more such tips?

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So when are you going to cook the awesome tasting Fried Chicken?

fried chicken


There is no non-vegetarian person who does not like the taste of fried chicken or cajun chicken. I know, you surely are a lover of absolutely crispy and tender fried chicken. There are lots of styles with which the fried chicken can be made. The following are such some styles:


The country fried chicken as we know is the variety of the chicken which is made up of the following:

  • Flour Breaded

  • Oil-Fried

  • Nicely Seasoned

What can you expect from the country’s fried chicken?

You can surely expect the crispy chicken whose crusts just rip off the skin. These crusts are so awesome that they can satisfy the hunger of the whole family.


The broasting is one of the combined techniques which involve both the stages of pressure cooking and deep-frying. With this technique the perfectly skinny and the breeding crispiness can be enjoyed which does not neglect the moisturizing content in the skin.

What can you expect from the Broasted Chicken?

When you follow the technique of braising while making the chicken, then you will surely come up with the crispy and crunchy exterior of the chicken. But to talk about the interior, then it is completely dry and null. If you are very hungry and do not wait for a second to eat something, then by eating this your tastebuds will be delighted and the hunger will be satisfied.


The buffalo wings are the best non-veg dish which makes you spend quintessentially good family time. This is most popular among the youths. This is the main reason instead of being quintessentially popular in the restaurants or the chicken shops, these are famous in the bars. These are considered as one of the great accompaniments to alcohol.


This kind of chicken is also famous as it involves buttermilk in the process of cooking. The inclusion of the buttermilk will give a luscious taste to the chicken. This is how it is prepared:

  • At first, the buttermilk of the thick consistency will be used for gaining extra flavour.

  • Next, it is pan-fried in the skillet rather than being submerged in the grease.

  • Once pan-fried, it is covered so that the steam may help to infuse the flavours and lock the juices in the chicken.

What can be expected from Buttermilk Chicken?

You can expect the smooth and buttery taste which delights you with genuine flavours.


The super crispy variety of the chicken, whose beauty and taste lies in the seasoning, spices, flavour-enhancing herbs and then sugar is used before frying, it helps to get rid of the mess. The Korean chicken can be best enjoyed when it is double fried.


Since there are so many varieties of chicken, we would like you to know which variety is your favourite. Please tell us how you like our blog today’s blog. We would publish a curry forwarded blog on this topic if you require so.