Fried chicken – Science behind Brining, Battering, Dredging and double frying

Fried chicken - Science behind Brining, Battering, Dredging and double frying
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Fried chicken – Science behind Brining, Battering, Dredging and double frying

There are numerous secrets in the recipe to make the chicken utmostly tasty and best in flavour. Everybody loves the taste of the fried chicken and the cajun chicken but particularly at the restaurants and the hotels. When they try to make the same chicken at their home, they fail to bring about the exact restaurant-like taste. If you are also the one who is facing the same problem, then the ensuing secret information is for you:

  • Brining

Brining is considered one of the secrets to making the perfect chicken. The connotation of the brining is to soak the chicken overnight in the water and salt solution. This is a simple brine. But if you are a lover of the classic flavours, then you are allowed to add several herbs like basil, thyme, oregano and mustard seeds to the solution.

When we fry the chicken the bunched strings present on the layer of the meat squeeze out which contain a lot of flavours. The brining is indispensable because it prevents the squeezing out of the juices and helps to retain maximum flavour which adds to the eventual taste of the chicken.

  • The Batter

After the chicken is soaked in the brine water overnight, the next important step is to soak the chicken in the buttermilk. Afterwards, the soaked chicken should be seasoned thickly in the galore which is full of flavourful seasonings. This technique to soak the chicken and season it is known as battering and dredging. This stratagem is necessitated to follow otherwise if the chicken is straightly put into the hot oil, the whole moisture content which holds the juices will fade away. To retain the juices and the moisture, the battering assists by creating an insulating layer that does not allow the chicken to directly come in contact with the hot oil and go out of the moisture.

  • The Fry

If you want to make your chicken crispier and crunchier, then the twice fry is the technique that helps you with this purpose. The technique to twice fry helps to get the perfectly cooked luscious chicken.

The importance of twice fry lies in the following scientific facts:

The initial fry is accountable for evaporating much of the moisture content.

The second fry is essential for the creation of the vertical air pockets that help to eliminate the excess water from the outer layer of the chicken which is supposed to be crunchier and crispier.

  • How does the chicken not lose its vital moisture content?

The chicken does not lose its moisture content when it is getting cooked in the hot oil because the moisture of the chicken is supposed to get together above the oil, consequently, the pressure commences to build up in the fryer. That pressure is accountable for making the chicken cook at a high speed without causing it to lose moisture.


The science behind the cooking processes of the chicken is very interesting and the maven chef will feel the urge to get acquainted with all the scientific facts.