Fried Chicken Varieties – Korean, General Tso’s, Karaage and buffalo wings

Fried Chicken Varieties - Korean, General Tso’s, Karaage and buffalo wings
fried chicken

Fried Chicken Varieties – Korean, General Tso’s, Karaage and buffalo wings

Every 7 out of the 10 people love to enjoy the chicken. There are so many types of chicken – Fried chicken and the Cajun chicken. But the research and the experiments of the non-veg chefs are not restricted to these two only. They are curious to unfold every secret of the variegated flavour. So keeping in mind, the variegated flavours, we have listed the variegated dishes of the chicken which have quintessentially different flavours.

  • Korean Fried chicken

Those who admire the taste of the fried chicken must have tried the Korean fried chicken at least once in the whole lifetime. The coating of the chicken is quintessentially taken care of because the coating has the potential to bring about the best taste. This chicken attains its best flavour because of the double fry. And the second fry is not carried out instantaneously after the first fry. Rather the chicken is cooled and afterwards, the deep-frying process is carried out.

  • General Tso’s Chicken

This chicken is SSH ‘Sweet, Spicy and hot’. And because of that, it is popular among all the people because it has the flavours that can satisfy each one’s taste. The dark meat is nicely cooked in a way that it brings about a tender and juicy taste.

  • Fried Chicken with the Creamy gravy

The chicken thighs are used in the making of this dish since they are boneless and thin. The cream which is tasted along the dish incorporates a huge use of black pepper. For the enhancement of its taste, you can use Mayonnaise with it. I know it’s creamy enough to take you in the chicken land.

  • Fried Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are offered with different preparations all around the world. But the ones which we are talking about is complete;y different because it relies on the awesome flavours of the Xi’an-Style spices. The explosive palate of the red chillies and the combination of the cumin with pepper just fits best with the taste of the spice lovers.

  • Buffalo wings

The amazing sauces made from exotic ingredients are just mouthwatering. And when these are tasted along with the crispy and crunchy buffalo wings, then your taste buds will take you for giving them such an awesome, wholesome and tasteful delight.

  • Dry-Fried Chicken (Chongqing-Style)

The chicken is fried initially and after it has attained the nice crisp and crunch, the next step is to blend the flavour of the red and green chillies through the stir-frying process.

  • Prawn Paste Chicken

The pieces of the chicken are turned by turn given a nice marinade of the following before getting fried:

Shrimp paste

Oyster sauce


  • Karaage

For all ginger garlic lovers, this recipe is for you which includes the nice and beautiful taste of the ginger, soya solace and garlic. The frying process of the chicken is carried out until it has become necessarily crispy.


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