How to make the best and tasty fried chicken with expert chef tips?

How to make the best and tasty fried chicken with expert chef tips?
fried chicken

How to make the best and tasty fried chicken with expert chef tips?

Everyone has their way to make chicken and they follow different guidelines to make it perfect. Be it fried chicken or cajun chicken, you need to follow the right version to make the delectable chicken. Here are some of the expert tips to make something tasty.

Marinate the chicken correctly

You need to make sure that the chicken is marinated correctly and you need to do it for a few hours. You need to add buttermilk. The liquid needs to be salted with brine and it should contain 6% salt which equates to 1 Tbsp of fine salt. Through the salt mixture the chicken will break down and the marinade will penetrate through the meat with ease. This will help the chicken to be juicy.

Include some booze

When you add alcohol to the chicken it is going to be even more effective. When you add booze it will help to cook it off correctly. Through this, it makes it crispier, and drier for the chicken. When you add vodka to the marinade it will help to give it a neutral taste. In case, you want something boozy then you should opt for bourbon. Although, you should not add it in excess as you will be adding the chicken into the hot oil.

Include liquid into the flour

The fried chicken recipes will help to dip marinated chicken into the flour mixture and then you need to fry down the pieces. The chicken which you cook will last a lot better. When you dredge the chicken, it will get added into the flour mixture, the crispiness is something which is known for its reason to be loved by everyone.

Keep the Oil Temperature Constant

While making the chicken, you need to be careful about the temperature of the deep fryer. Make sure the oil temperature is kept to a constant level. It might take some little effort but the chicken will be worth it. You can keep a thermometer in the frying pan to keep a check on the temperature

Make sure that neither should get too high that it affects the taste of the chicken.

Fry Twice

Along with french fries, you should fry your chicken 2 times. Frying your chicken 2 times might take a long time but it will give it a crispier exterior. Moreover, it won’t affect the juicy level of the chicken. To fry your chicken again you should wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

Wrap up!

Through these tips, it will help to up your chicken game and it will make it delectable & tasty. If you are looking for something tasty and delectable like a chicken recipe to enlighten your taste buds, then you should visit our place.

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