What are the ingredients that make the cajun spiced chicken tasty?

cajun chicken

What are the ingredients that make the cajun spiced chicken tasty?

No matter what time of meal it is, if it is not tasty then what’s the fun of having it? I know! I Know! Being a foodie myself I even think this most of the time. My family loves to have fried chicken whenever they go out and they try to guess, ‘What ingredients might the chef have used?’

Well! Sometimes, I try to do this when I am having the cajun chicken but to be specific cajun spiced chicken. Indeed! It is one of those meals which I or anybody cannot resist. I got the opportunity to talk with the chef of Krispy Krunchy Chicken with whom I had the best interaction and I learned a lot about the cajun spiced chicken.

Cajun spice mix

The Krispy Krunchy Chicken uses their spice mix. You must be thinking in your mind…OH! This is why It tastes so Good…

Moreover, there is the addition of the favorite seasoning on the chicken. No doubt, it is not easy to prepare, and adding the precise amount of spices will give the chicken a different taste.

Properly coating the chicken

With every bite, you will taste the cajun spice mix or you would love to say, ‘How tasty it is?’ Bear in mind, the chefs are making the food for you, so they make every second count and do not neglect any step as it would affect the chicken taste.

In addition, the chef makes sure to rub the cajun spice mix on all the sides. The spice mix is a combination of dried herbs and a few spices which is the reason it gives a tangy and earthy taste.

Evenly cooked chicken = Taste better and flavorsome chicken

Okay! So once the chef has coated the chicken with the spice mix. Now! Comes the part where the chicken has to be cooked evenly from all the sides.

The chicken breasts must be pound even more so that with every bite you get to enjoy the flavors.

The sauce takes the aroma to a whole nother level

Now! We are done with spice mix, making sure the chicken is cooked evenly. You must be thinking, ‘Now, What?’ The sauce added to the chicken is what makes it more delicious than already it is. It would be right to say that this is what makes the meal wholesome.

Proper time and preparation

Above anything, every step or cooking method is given enough time, so that the chicken taste or quality is not affected at any cost. For example, after rubbing the spice mix onto the chicken it has to be kept aside for 10 minutes or so, as this way the chicken will have all the flavors in it. The chefs are experienced and they are properly aware of how much time each step will take.

Tasty the best, nothing less than that!

If you like to delight your taste buds, then Krispy Krunchy chicken has the best cajun chicken and many other options for you.