What are the common mistakes which you need to avoid while cooking fried chicken?

mistakes which you need to avoid while cooking fried chicken
cajun chicken

What are the common mistakes which you need to avoid while cooking fried chicken?


Krispy krunchy chicken: Meat lovers are present all over the globe. The variety of chicken dishes you can try is difficult to imagine. One of the methods to make it is fried chicken. With this term, it helps us to have vision, flavor-filled & crispy meat that is moist and juicy.

Not only this but you can try cajun chicken whose seasoning makes its taste better. In this blog, we are going to discuss the common mistakes which should be avoided while cooking fried chicken.


Common Mistakes to avoid while cooking Fried chicken

  • Frying the chicken when it is cold

Some people fry the chicken when it is cold. But you must let the chicken come at room temperature for 30 minutes before you fry it. It provides great benefit as it helps to cook it evenly and the texture is also perfect.

  • Not allowing the chicken to soak

Letting the chicken soak in an acidic mixture like buttermilk will make a lot of difference. The buttermilk will make it tender and it will retain its moisture for a long time. Let the chicken submerge in the buttermilk bowl, be it for a few hours or overnight. It is a simple process but it will make a lot of difference.

  • Just only frying the drumsticks

The option of drumsticks is a preferred option when you need to cook chicken. You can fry the entire bird. It means you can fry the wings, thighs, and breasts. It is best that you fury them in batches and try to go for even pieces.

  • Not going for the breading

The option of breading is a major factor to get the perfect chicken meal. If you try to do that then the chicken will not be as crispy as you like and it won’t keep the moisture inside it. With every recipe, the breading method is different. No matter which one you try, it will give you the best taste.

  • Only a deep fryer can make it the best

The deep fryer is not the only choice that can make it the best. If you do not have this expensive kitchen equipment then there is no need to buy one. Another choice to do it correctly is through a large cast-iron skillet. With this method of cooking the temperature will be retained in it. So, investing in this option will be worth every penny.

  • Use of wrong oil for frying

It is not possible to use every type of oil for frying. When the oil boils it will reach the smoke point. However, not every oil is going to manage the heat without scorching. To get the best results you should go for peanut oil and canola oil as you can even get them under your budget.