What are the most common fried chicken mistakes which you should avoid?

fried chicken

What are the most common fried chicken mistakes which you should avoid?

What food item can you eat anytime? My Answer is Fried chicken. Indeed, it is one of those options which is crunchy, hot, and filled with flavors. Getting to tick all these boxes means your platter will have the juiciest and moist meat which will make sure you get to taste the flavors with every bite. But, do you know how to make any chicken with perfection be it fried or cajun chicken there are a number of things that are required to be kept in mind. While the professionals make the fried chicken they make sure that the given mistakes are not made and with time they learn how to avoid them.

Let’s learn the insight tips on how professionals make the best chicken.

Most common fried chicken mistakes

  • Giving preference to the drumsticks

Indeed, fried drumstick might taste iconic but when you try to fry it you can do that for the whole bird & breast. So, to avoid this mistake you should slice the large chicken breast into small pieces. This even allows the chicken to cook faster and make sure to separate the drumsticks. This way you will get the best results.

  • Trying to fry the chicken, taken out from the fridge just a few seconds back

If you have ever tried to do this, then you will know how it not only affects the taste of the chicken but it won’t cook perfectly. When you put the cold chicken in the oil, its temperature will go down. This is the reason, professional chefs always make sure to let it come to room temperature or wait for at least 30 minutes.

  • Investing in a deep fryer

Wait! Are you also planning to do that? Make sure that you do not waste your money on the deep fryer. If you do so, then it will make you sweat to clean it. This is one of the options which you do not need in your kitchen to make the fried chicken. Instead of that, you should invest in a quality heavy-bottomed cast-iron skillet. This will help you get to the temperature which can help you to make that easier.

  • Do not go for the brine

You must be thinking? Do I need to brine? YES! YES! YES!

Brining the chicken is like a game-changer to make the moist and nice chicken. The professional chef prefers to use the seasoned buttermilk and keep that for around 4 hours or if possible keep it for 24 hours. So, make sure that you do it even for a few hours and it will change the entire taste.

  • Using oil that has low smoke point

You don’t have to make the mistake of using extra-virgin olive oil for the fried chicken. If you do so, then you are actually wasting a lot of your money. This way it can affect the taste of the bird as a low smoke point is not the best choice. The professional chefs are extremely particular in this step and they won’t put the chicken in the oil, till the time it has not reached the desired temperature.

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