Our latest addition to the menu – SWEET BUTTER BUN FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH

Our latest addition to the menu - SWEET BUTTER BUN FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH
fried chicken

Our latest addition to the menu – SWEET BUTTER BUN FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is proud to be a rapidly growing convenience store. To facilitate the individuals with the quick and its services, we decided to broaden the sphere of your menu. No doubt fried chicken and cajun chicken will always remain our speciality, but we want to include something new as well. So for that let us present you the curtain-raiser – SWEET BUTTER BUN for the CLASSIC FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH.

Qualities of the bun

You will be glad to know the qualities of the bun:

  • Soft Bun

Because of the softness of the bun, it goes immensely well with the chive. The crispy taste of the chicken patty and soft taste of the bu compliments each other so nice and well.

  • Sweet Bun

The bun being bun is supposed to include a little taste of sweetness. A pinch of sweetness with these spicy chicken seems like an unbeatable combination.

  • Buttery

Since butter is included in the initial batter making stage of the bun, thus the bun seems to have the classic taste of the butter.

Do you know

The bun Louisiana made.

Do you know, what’s next?

I know, only from reading the qualities of the bi, you are tempted to go eat the sandwich. But I would like to tell you that the sandwich includes the awesome taste of the dill pickles. Hey, stop that water from your mouth. The sandwich will allure you more when you will come to know that it includes the honey butter spread also.

It’s been a great year

We were delighted to celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2019. But that was not only the sole reason for our happiness. We were very impressed with that year since that has been a record-breaking year for us.

What more?

We had many reasons to celebrate. A few of them are listed as below:

  • Addition of locations

The addition to 441 new locations just gave our profits a tremendous hike. Not even a single store suffers from loss. Each of them was being admired by the people.

  • New menu items

We take pride in expanding our menu. And that year we e=were able to do so many additions to our menu. So we included:

  • Boneless wings

  • Crispitos

  • State fair

  • Corn dogs

  • New logo and tagline

The new logo and the associated taglines were unveiled, which was also a matter of celebration for us.

Our achievement

Krispy Krunchy Chicken has reached the highest peaks of success and because of that 2500 locations are getting successful in winning the great of the people. Making the best chicken and sandwiches is not a cup of tea.

What else do we have to offer?

Apart from chicken and the sandwiches, our customers also like to order the following:

  • Fried seafood

  • Honey butter biscuits

Bottom Line

So have you tried our latest sandwich made with the fluffy and tender bun? If not, then order soon. We guarantee you that you will be willing to eat that again and again.