What are the professional secrets to make juicy and tasty fried chicken?

What are the professional secrets to make juicy and tasty fried chicken
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What are the professional secrets to make juicy and tasty fried chicken?

As we all know, fried chicken is the most loved food option all over the world. The blend of various spices and its juiciness from inside makes it more delectable on every bite. Crispy fried chicken made by professionals has a different kind of taste which makes it delicious. Let’s explore some of the chef’s secrets on how to make tasty and juicy chicken.

• You need to consistent with the size
To make sure that you cook everything evenly, you need to work in pieces that are of the same size. In case you are using chicken breast then it is better to cut them in half so that the entire process of making it goes right.

• You should never cook cold chicken
Many people have made the mistake to cook cold chicken. If you think taking chicken straight out from the fridge and cooking it will not affect the taste or cooking process, then you are wrong. Before you start cooking, you need to let it sit at room temperature for around 20 to 30 minutes. Only after that, you should fry the chicken.

• Brine is the key
To make that best-fried chicken recipe, you need to brine the chicken. If you miss out on this step, you won’t get the tasty chicken you want. Many chefs recommend using vodka to brine it as this way the chicken will be tasty and crisper than ever.

• Use Buttermilk
Some of the classic fried chicken recipes suggest using buttermilk for brine. It is acidic which is perfect for your chicken and it helps to marinate it perfectly. Moreover, it gives a tender and flavorful taste to your chicken. Buttermilk will help to break down the protein amount because of the enzymes present in it. In case, you do not have buttermilk then you can use pickle juice which also works in the same manner.

• Try the Nashville Dry Brine
To rub your chicken, you can use this option which is the same as using spices and salt. Through this, your chicken will get the right amount of moisture and you will enjoy it even more.

• Let your chicken get dry
No matter which method of brine you use for the chicken, you need to make sure the chicken is dry. It is an important step which you should always keep in mind. You can dry it off with the use of a paper towel and once that is once, you should coat it with an even layer of flour.

• Mix up properly for better taste
You must mix up everything properly and no part of the chicken should be left behind. This way your chicken will have the right kind of crispiness it needs.

• Bake it slow
This is one of the top secrets to get juicy and tender chicken. Just try it once and you will see how it makes your chicken taste better than ever.

• Fry it 2 times
Don’t be lazy and you should fry it 2 times. First of all, you need to get it done on low heat and then do it on high flame. This makes your meat tender and crispy.