Should you cook chicken cracklings in the oxy fryer or the oven?

Which method is better to cook the chicken cracklings
Chicken Cracklings

Should you cook chicken cracklings in the oxy fryer or the oven?

If you are a non-vegetarian, then I bet that you are surely a chicken-crackling lover. These chicken cracklings are so yummy and awesome, that the individual can’t resist his craving of eating consecutively one after the other.

The chicken cracklings are made up of chicken skins, so today’s blog is going to be all about such important factors.

So let us begin:

Do you know?

Usually, the butchers and the grocery stores do not offer to sell the chicken skins. But you can obtain the chicken skins by purchasing the fowling items:

  • Bone-in Chicken
  • Skin-On Chicken thighs

So, when you buy the chicken for some other purpose, you can surely preserve the chicken skins that you can use for some other purpose in the future.

What is the benefit of cooking chicken skins?

  • First of all, cooking the skins will make sure that you are making optimal use of the purchased chicken.
  • Also, you can get rid of food wastage.
  • Besides, as far as the health factor is concerned, the consumption of chicken is always nutritious. The chicken skins are also full of a lot of benefits.


If you want to obtain the maximum benefit from the chicken skins, then make sure whichever recipe you are hoping to cook with it like cracklings, it should be baked or cooked in the oxy fryer.

What if you want to fry the chicken cracklings?

Yes, frying is also an alternative to cooking chicken cracklings. For frying, you have to use a dry skillet. Put it on the stove on medium heat. Heat the oil of your choice. The oil should be completely heated. It will allow the cracklings to come out excessively crispy and brown.


When you are frying the cracklings, then do not go here & there and get busy with some work, as the cracklings may get burnt.

Which one is the better – Oven or the oxy fryer?

Both of the cooking methods are extensively awesome and result in crispy and crunchy cracklings.

  • Cooking in the oxy fryer

When you are cooking in the oxy fryer, then you can cook only four at a time. But it is the comparatively easiest and convenient option to cook the cracklings. The cracklings are cooked in a few seconds.

  • Cooking in the oven

When it is about the oven, then it has the same advantages as that of the oxy fryer. The little difference which you will find in the advantages is that you can bake a full tray of the cracklings in the ocean.

Which useful tip would you give for the easy clean-up?

If you are the one who doesn’t like to deal with the mess and want to make something that does not make your platform and the cooking equipment filthy, then you can use the parchment paper, which you can remove after each use.

Bottom Line

The predominant advantage of cooking the chicken crackling is that you can use the seasoning of your choice. This is the main reason that the people who do have the different taste prefer to order chicken cracklings as it satisfies the craving of all.